Monday is the start of the ‘Save Small Business fund’ Application Process

Small business owners can begin applying for a $5,000 grant to aid in the effects from COVID-19 on Monday.

The United States Chamber of Commerce Foundation announced earlier that they are sponsoring the Save Small Business Fund that could grant small business owners who employ 3-20 people as much as $5,000 and have been hit financially by the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Starting on Monday, April 20, at 2:00pm Central Time, small business owners can begin applying for these grants. To qualify for this grant, a business must employ between 3-20 people, be located in an economically vulnerable community, and be able to show that they have been harmed financially by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The grant money will be awarded on a weekly basis until the funds have been depleted. These benefits will not be included to independent contractors, however, and the funds will be delivered to those who are in the bottom 80% of communities in the nation named in the Distressed Communities Index.  

The application will require approximately 10 minutes to complete and the business’ W-9 form is likely needed. A survey to those who receive the grant will be sent to the grantees that will measure the impact of the grant and how the money was spent.

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