Communities band together to “Spread a Little Joy”

In a time of uncertainty, one thing is for certain; our local communities care

Community members the area over are organizing events, trips, and parades for its citizens in order to bring joy and a breath of optimism during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

All along the streets of our local communities, people can see vibrant displays of rainbows, hearts, and, now, flashing lights. A recent trend that has now gone world wide is of adults and children creating their own wonderful works of colorful rainbows to display on their sidewalks with chalk and out of construction paper chains of each color. On the same street, one can find a large red heart that is displaying the creators’ solidarity of love for those afflicted with the harmful COVID-19.

Tonight in some of the local communities, law enforcement, teachers, and an array of other community organizers will be out on parade all while practicing the social distancing recommendation. This is to “spread a little joy” to the people standing inside or outside their homes as the squad cars, fire trucks, and school faculty pass by to wave.

COVID-19 has had a significant affect on the way people go about doing their daily routines. Many mothers and fathers are jobless until further notice and uncertainty hangs in the air of when this will all pass.

Although that uncertainty exists, there is definitely one thing for certain; rural communities are banding together to make these hard times bearable. A new mold of social norms can and should be present after this is all over. Perhaps this is more of a time for a realization of how distant we have all become and how important it is to reconnect when this is all over.

As the Spirit Lake Elementary fence has boldly displayed, “WE MISS U”.

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