There’s a farmer for that

A list of local farmers just begging for a chance to help feed your family

On March 18th, I made a post on Facebook that encouraged the populace to reach out to a farmer. I did some digging and was able to put together a small list (hoping for it to grow as this pandemic continues) of local farmers. My family and I are all for the buying from local restaurants and supporting local businesses in that sense. There are farmers out in our rural communities that are just hungry for a chance at your business.

I spoke to a friend who is in Minnesota just north of St. Paul. This week, the state of Minnesota adopted the Stay at Home Order as many other states have and he described the scenes at some of the local shopping markets as being fairly scarce to what they can offer. He told me, “Red meat is impossible to find. You can find frozen chicken breasts, but nothing fresh”.

If these times fall on us and grocery stores aren’t able to supply you with what you need in a timely manner, keep in mind the time restrictions that grocery stores have adopted, always remember “There’s A Farmer for That”.

Here is a list of a few farming families that are going to be able to produce food for you when the grocery store aisles start to get scarce. Be ready for that to happen when, or if, a “Stay at Home Order” goes into effect in our State.

Guritz Produce Farm

Okoboji Organics

Seven W Farm

Ruthven Meats

Armstrong Locker

Skoglund Meats

Send some of these local greats your business. They want the recognition just as much as the local restaurants!