The current tally

It has been just over two months since the first reported cases, several have been affected locally.

In a time of uncertainty, many looking for answers anywhere they can, people finding differing opinions and contradictory facts. In a time where people are locked inside staying away from their loved ones in fear of infecting or being infected. What is there to do?

Dickinson County has just announced their first patient of COVID-19. This small and formidable foe that we as an entire world are facing seems to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Everywhere in the fact that we as a United States nation has just become the leader in a list of nations reporting confirmed cases. Nowhere in the way that this new foe is so small and minute, so unknown and hard to grasp.

Millions are jobless. People’s lives completely turned upside down in a matter of weeks. It was just January 20th when the first reported case of the novel coronavirus was announced in our nation. In just over two months, that number has multiplied to being more than 81,000. We are all being called to practice hand washing more regularly, to keep to ourselves away from our community members, shops and businesses are being forced to close their doors to mitigate the threat. This is not all, more than 3.2 million people in our nation have applied for assistance in unemployment; a figure that doubled the projections that were previously announced.

This is not all, there is more to come. According to the Iowa Department of Public Health data, nearly 20 people are diagnosed with this virus every single day. So what is there to do? Other communities, states, and provinces have closed down allowing only a list of essential personnel to leave their homes. Some abide by these guidelines while others don’t. We are in a position where you must trust your neighbors to be practicing proper hand washing and hygiene. But how are you to trust that they are doing that when they are showing no restraint on giving out unannounced hugs and handshakes.

What this virus will inevitably do to our economy, our social structure, and our futures is, at this point, unknown. But what can be done and what should be done is to “flatten the curve” as they say. Think of not yourself, but of you neighbor who may be struggling with a respiratory diagnosis, with an immune deficiency. Think of those who are not of the best health and practice social distancing so that the number of deaths, currently over 1,000 in our nation, may begin to fall or at least stabilize.

Many of us took this lightly. Many of us now are realizing the err in our views.

Pray. Pray for those who are suffering, pray for those who are not seeing the truth of this virus yet, pray for those who will inevitably acquire this diagnosis, but most of all, pray for the medical staff that are working tirelessly and also contracting the bug.

In the end, and there certainly will be an end, there will be a new set of ideals that will come from this. For with what negative effects occur, there will surely be immeasurable good.