E-Hawk Wrestling Play Host After Holiday Break

Southeast Valley, East Sac County, and South Hamilton all slotted to participate in Emmetsburg home dual.

Returning from what we hope is a fruitful break during the holiday season, the Emmetsburg E-Hawk Wrestling team will be playing host tonight in what is expected to be much of the same success they’ve been enjoying.

Having been undefeated in dual tournaments last year and, so far, this year, Coach Tyler Bjustrom’s team will be welcoming East Sac County, South Hamilton, and Southeast Valley to the Emmetsburg mats.

Out of the three visiting teams attending tonight’s dual, only one of them is winning. Southeast Valley is able to boast an 8-6 record in dual competition this year, but that doesn’t shake a stick at the E-Hawks’ 9-0 season they are continuing from last season. East Sac County is at a 4-6 record and South Hamilton is at 3-4 on the year.

Action is scheduled to start at the Emmetsburg High School tonight at 6pm.