I Hope We Do

During his inaugural address on a cold, snowy day in January of 1961, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy stood at the podium looking over the audience gathered there that day to listen to the newest President accept the responsibility as Commander in Chief of the United States of America. Some who are reading this writing may remember this very moment that became a memorable calling card of the Democrat’s speech. He read out to the crowd and to those Americans watching and listening around the nation, “And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.” 

Citizen, Soldier. Democrat, Republican. Cop or Criminal. Doctors and Patients. This nation, as divided as we have become, the current events that are happening between our United States and the sovereign nation of Iran is not only a historical event that will change the course of lives across the world, but also a vital opportunity for our Countrymen to come together despite the odds that exist and are created.

This opportunity, may help this nation and it certainly has the opportunity to cripple the makeup and future as well. Historically speaking, the United States is undefeated in wars and “police actions” when the public opinion is in support of our nation’s troops. In those victories, there was a lack of technology and social media that is available today. Despite the limitations in those victories, our troops felt the support of Our Nation.

This is an opportunity to remember that the 4,000 or more troops that have been sent to the Middle East are individuals. They are wives, husbands, fathers, mothers, daughters, and sons. Each holds a life with memories of love and hate. Each holds a life of tragedy and triumph. Each is like one of you; a unique individual who lives with the same breath and heartbeat. Each of them have made the conscious decision to allow their commanders to tell them that even though they are getting ready for a night out to celebrate the coming of the new year and decade, they were required to be ready within hours to leave their family members for an unknown amount of time.

Think about that. Think of receiving a phone call saying, get packed because we need you. Would you do it? I have two children and a wife. You, likely have the same. Can you leave at that moment’s notice without being able to have a feasible amount of time to ready those family members? The same who do not understand that calling. Can you? Can I?. . . I am unsure of the answer to that question for even myself. What I am sure of is the unflattering and glaring fact that they did.  

Citizen or Soldier. Democrat or Republican. Cop or Criminal. Doctor or Patient. If we cannot or are not awarded the opportunity to answer that call. Remember that They did. Answer this call, however, support the Nation. Support your Troops. And support the Victory that this Nation will come to need in this historical battle with extremely high implications. When we look back in the future and remember these coming days, I will pray tonight that we all answered that question with “We Did”.