E-Hawks Hope to Soar Higher Than the Eagles of West Hancock

With the stage set for an electric night and the chance to solidify the developing winning tone, the girls’ and boys’ E-Hawk teams square off against West Hancock

The Emmetsburg Girls’ (4-1) and Boys’ (2-3) basketball teams will be traveling to Britt, Iowa today to go face-to-face with the 5-0 Girls’ and 2-2 Boys’ West Hancock Eagle teams.

In what will be sure to be one of the premiere match-ups of the season so far, both the Lady E-Hawks and Lady Eagles are evenly matched not just in records, but in statistics as well.

Senior Molly Schany, who is coming off a high scoring week, earning 31 points in a single game against the Spencer Tigers on December 9th, is averaging 19.4 points per game on the season and holds a 61.8% field goal percentage. The Eagles scoring leader, junior Rachel Leerar, is edged out by Schany by just 1.2 points per game when compared and has a 20% lower scoring percentage than her opponent. Molly is leading the team in both scoring and on rebounds thus far and is able to boast a 9 rebounds per game average with most of them coming from defensive play.

As a team, the Lady E-Hawks are being outscored by the Eagles 71-60, but the E-Hawks have been able to keep a lower points allowed average. This match-up is ripe for the pickings as being one of the best this year. Those in attendance will likely be able to see talents on both sides of the ball. Although this is a non-conference game, the challenges facing the Lady E-Hawks will prove to set an already developing tone that they are the real deal if a victory against the unbeaten West Hancock Eagles comes to fruition.

Although the records display a below and at .500 stat, the Boys’ teams are also in for an evenly matched contest. In just one game played against the Boys’ Eagle team, the E-Hawks were successful in winning the game 53-49.

Junior Ben Dunlap will be sure to boast higher points than what the West Hancock can likely handle. This year, the Eagles have fallen to 0-2 when facing teams that have scorers who average more than 20 points per game. With Dunlap sitting at a respectable 21 PPG, the Eagles will be sure to have their hands full when attempting to limit him.

Action is set to begin with the high flying Girls’ squads at 6PM and then the Boys’ will close the night with a scheduled start time of 7:45PM.

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