The Votes Are In

Here are the unofficial results of the 2019 City/School Election within Palo Alto County

Here are the unofficial results of the 2019 City/School Election being provided to the Iowa Secretary of State website ( The following is the list of the unofficial votes of your cities within Palo Alto County. A tight mayoral race for the city of Emmetsburg ended with Patrick Degen reportedly defeating Kelly Higgins Bay.

School administration votes will be posted when all counties have been reported. Continue to monitor for updates throughout the night and the day.

(Bold print indicates the winners of the mayoral race for the respective city):

City of Ayrshire- City Council At-Large (Vote 3):

            April Jo Green- 4

            Anesa McGregor- 3

            Total votes: 16

City of Cylinder- Mayor (Vote 1):

            Arnold C. Heng- 15

            Total votes: 30

City of Cylinder- City Council At-Large (Vote 5):

            Debra Weisbrod- 25

            Cary N. Anderson- 28

            Harold R. Bormann- 21

            Kurt Bonnstetter- 23

            Adam Kerr-26

            Total votes: 135

City of Emmetsburg- Mayor (Vote 1):

            Kelly Higgins Bay-379

            Patrick Degen- 496

            Total votes: 882

City of Emmetsburg- City Council At-Large (Vote 1):

            William C. Burdick- 733

            Total votes: 750

City of Emmetsburg- City Council Ward 2 (Vote 1):

            Ryan Berkland- 192

            Total votes: 194

City of Emmetsburg- City Council Ward 4 (Vote 1):

            Corey Gramowski- 79

            Todd Bell- 121

            Total votes: 200

City of Graettinger- Mayor (Vote 1):

            Monty Schany- 123

            Total votes: 162

City of Graettinger- City Council At-Large (Vote 2):

            Christine McGrauth- 114

            Joel Alderson- 144

            Total votes: 271

City of Mallard- City Council At-Large (Vote 2):

            Glen Simonson- 54

            Jon Wirtz- 50

            Troy Auten- 83

            Total votes: 191

City of Mallard- City Council To Fill A Vacancy At-Large (Vote 1):

            Lyle Larson- 50

            Todd Travis- 50

            Total votes: 105

City of Rodman- Mayor (Vote 1):

            Jean Hyslop- 9

            Total votes: 9

City of Rodman- City Council At-Large (Vote 5):

            Georgia Elbert- 9

            Danny Hutchinson- 9

            Total votes: 41

City of Ruthven- Mayor (Vote 1):

            David J. Kirk- 62

            Total votes: 65

City of Ruthven- City Council At-Large (Vote 3):

            Dustin Johnson- 60

            Terrence J. Williams- 57

            Jeffrey Thompson- 31

            Marcelle Simington- 69

            Total votes: 218

City of West Bend- Mayor (Vote 1):

            Marilyn Schutz- 100

            Total votes: 110

City of West Bend- City Council At-Large (Vote 3):

            Brook Winkelhorst- 106

            Linda Thilges- 110

            Joseph Montag- 93

            Total votes: 316

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