Local Elections Gearing Up to Begin on November 5th

Here is your area’s list of Elected Official hopefuls for City and School Board positions in Palo Alto County.

Ayrshire City and School Board Candidates:

Council Member- April Jo Green and Anesa McGregor

Emmetsburg City and School Board Candidates:

Mayor- Kelly Higgins Bay and Patrick Degen

Council Member At-Large- William C. Burdick

Ward 2 Council Member- Ryan Berkland

Ward 4 Council Member- Corey Gramowski and Todd Bell

School District Director- Val W. Morton, Scott Kibbie, Katy Thomsen, Ed Meyer, Bill Huberty, and Dan Chism

Public Measure is also included.

Graettinger City and School Board Candidates:

Mayor- Monty Schany

Council Member- Christine McGrauth and Joel Alderson

School District Director (District 2)- Kevin Jensen and Jerimiah DePyper

School District Director (District 1)- Patrick Fairchild

ILCC Director (District 1)- Arden N. Kinnander

Public Measure is also included.

Mallard City Candidates:

Council Member- Glen Simonson, Jon Wirtz, and Troy Auten

Council Member to Fill Vacancy- Lyle Larson and Todd Travis

Ruthven City and School Board Candidates:

Mayor- David J. Kirk

Council Member- Dustin Johnson, Terrence J. Williams, Jeffrey Thomson, and Marcelle Simington

School District Director- Stephanie Fay, Heather Ruehle, Tracy Enderson, and Jill Conlon

West Bend City and School Board Candidates:

Mayor- Marilyn Schutz

Council Members- Brooke Winkelhorst, Linda Thilges, and Joseph Montag

School District Director- Nicole Myer, Jillian Hansen, John Zaugg, and Dawn Schmidt

School District Director to Fill Vacancy- Todd Thilges

In-person voting begins at 7am and ends at 8pm at your assigned polling station. The listed polling stations for your local areas are the Graettinger Public Library, the West Bend Public Library, or the Emmetsburg Election Center. To find your polling locations, contact the Palo Alto County Auditor’s Office at 712-852-2924.